Kiki, Love to Love (2016) Kiki, Love to Love



Directed by

Paco Leon


Natalia de Molina, Alex Garcia, Jacobo Sanchez, Silvia Rey, Paco Leon, Ana Katz, Eduardo Recabarren, Belen Cuest, Candela Pena, Luis Callejo, Blanca Apilanez, Mari Paz Sayago, Luis Bermejo, Maite Sandoval, Claudia Perez Esteban


Five stories of love and sex unfold over one hot summer in Madrid, when the protagonists discover strange and unusual sources of sexual indulgence with unpronounceable names: Dacryphilia, Eliphilia, Somnophilia, Polyamori, Harpaxophilia… Taboos are broken one by one as our horny couples enter into a thrilling liberation in which no pleasure is denied, whatever form it takes.

  • Seksa un mīlestības noslēpumi
  • Секреты секса и любви
  • Kiki, el amor se hace
Kiki, Love to Love - Paco Leon
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