The Spacewalker (2017) The Spacewalker



Directed by

Дмитрий Киселёв


Евгений Миронов, Константин Хабенский, Владимир Ильин, Анатолий Котенёв, Александра Урсуляк, Елена Панова, Артем Быстров, Марта Тимофеева, Александр Цёма, Нелли Неведина


Back in the 60's, when the Cold war hit its highest, two superpowers, USA and USSR, were racing against each other over space exploration. Who is going to be the firt to send a human into open space? Two Russian cosmonauts were bold or crazy enough to sign up for the impossible mission...

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The Spacewalker - Дмитрий Киселёв
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