Lucky Ticket (2017) Lucky Ticket



Directed by

Роман Самгин


Андрей Рожков, Дмитрий Брекоткин, Вячеслав Мясников, Михаил Трухин, Алексей Маклаков, Олеся Железняк, Ольга Медынич, Ольга Дибцева, Валентина Мазунина, Юлия Михалкова


Awakening after the party, Valerka and his friends find a lottery ticket, which turns out is lucky – 43 million rubles! A big capital for the residents of Yekaterinburg. The friends decide to divide the catch and run away from home, for their wives not to take away the money. Valerka and friends get on the road to Moscow, and their wives – go after them!

  • Laimīgā biļete
  • Везучий случай!
Lucky Ticket - Роман Самгин
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