The Great Ballet (2017) The Great Ballet



Directed by

Валерий Тодоровский


Алиса Фрейндлих, Валентина Теличкина, Александр Домогаров, Николя Ле Риш, Маргарита Симонова, Екатерина Самуйлина, Анна Исаева, Анастасия Плотникова, Анастасия Прокофьева, Анна Тарасенко


Fascinated by the magic of the ballet, two talented ten-year-old girls, who conquered the audience in the province, dream of a professional career and study in a prestigious metropolitan ballet school. The beginning of this path is the beginning of the hardest training, a strict diet, endless rehearsals and challenges that life puts before them. The big ballet is like an iceberg, whose top is the standard of elegance and beauty, and its submarine part hides the dramatic reality.

  • Dižais balets
  • Большой
The Great Ballet - Валерий Тодоровский
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