Once Upon a Time in Venice (2017) Once Upon a Time in Venice


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Mark Cullen, Robb Cullen


Jason Momoa, Bruce Willis, Elisabeth Rohm, Famke Janssen, Thomas Middleditch, John Goodman, Adam Goldberg, Kal Penn, Stephanie Sigman, Wood Harris, Ana Flavia Gavlak, Maurice Compte, Billy Gardell, Adrian Martinez, Ralph Garman


Steve Ford is a down but not out L.A based Private Investigator whose professional and personal worlds collide after his loving pet Buddy is stolen by a notorious gang. A series of crazy circumstances find him doing the gang's bidding, while being chased by two vengeful Samoan brothers, a loan shark's goons, and a few other shady characters. They say a dog is a man's best friend, and Steve shows how far a man will go to be reunited with him.

  • Suns viņu zina
  • Его собачье дело
Once Upon a Time in Venice - Mark Cullen;Robb Cullen
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