Cold tango (2017) Cold tango



Directed by

Павел Чухрай


Юлия Пересильд, Риналь Мухаметов, Карина Каграманян, Сергей Гармаш, Елисей Никандров, Ася Громова, Моника Санторо, Валерия Ткаченко, Андрюс Бялобжескис, Мария Малиновская


Max and Laima, who fell in love with each other with the strongest love, dream and make plans, despite the terrible situation in the country. A guy of Jewish origin, who survived the Holocaust as a child, lost his family and was thrown out of his own home, has to go to the front. When death breathes again into his face, he does everything to return to his beloved beauty Laima. Having escaped fascist repression, he returns home, but discovers that Laima is the daughter of his hated enemy...

  • Aukstais tango
  • Холодное танго
Cold tango - Павел Чухрай
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