Buddy (2017) Buddy



Directed by

Александр Андрющенко


Сергей Гармаш, Андрей Назимов, Лиза Арзамасова, Ксения Лаврова-Глинка, Ян Цапник, Филипп Яицкий, Андрей Золотарев, Сахат Дурсунов, Евгений Коряковский, Юнчен Жуань


He is the coolest cop in the district, but one mistake turned everything upside down. Now he is the most dangerous child in the world! The fortune teller is to blame for everything - she cursed Major Khromov, who accidentally ruffled her, and the next morning he woke up in the body of a one-year-old child. Khromov has no choice but to open the whole truth to his new "daddy" and make him his partner.

  • Partneris
  • Напарник
Buddy - Александр Андрющенко
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