Myths (2017) Myths



Directed by

Александр Молочников


Яннис Пападопулос, Фёдор Бондарчук, Сергей Безруков, Иван Ургант, Милош Бикович, Паулина Андреева, Ксения Раппопорт, Виктория Исакова, Максим Суханов, Андрей Смоляков


The last hope of cinema, producer and film director Fyodor, owe money to the "brothers" of the 90s. Artist Sergei played all the roles from Jesus Christ to the squirrel. Sergei has run out of the roles, he's depressed. Number one TV host of country, Ivan, can not stop joking in everyday life. Ivan's girlfriend doesn't understand, why he's joking at the breakfast, in bed and even at a funeral. A poor foreigner by a pure chance falls into the very cluster of the rich and famous of Moscow.

  • Mīti
  • Мифы
Myths - Александр Молочников
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