Kolovrat (2017) Kolovrat


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Джаник Файзиев, Иван Шурховецкий


Илья Малаков, Полина Чернышова, Алексей Серебряков, Александр Ильин мл., Игорь Савочкин, Тимофей Трибунцев, Александр Цой, Юлия Хлынина, Андрей Бурковский, Виктор Проскурин


A story of a legendary battle, where seventeen fearless warriors defend their land against an army of thousands well-trained soldiers. In 13th century Mongol warrior hordes and their leader, Batu Khan, control most of the known world. As the Mongols move towards Europe they invade the last Russian principality standing in their way. Little do they know, their plans are about to be ruined by a small detachment of heroic strong men led by a mysterious brave warrior. This is a story about courage, endurance and self-sacrifice for the sake of one's country. This is the story of Evpaty the Furious.

  • Leģenda par Kolovratu
  • Легенда о Коловрате
Kolovrat - Джаник Файзиев;Иван Шурховецкий
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