Women vs Men 2 (2018) Women vs Men 2



Directed by

Леонид Марголин


Настасья Самбурская, Наталья Рудова, Мария Кравченко, Александр Головин, Денис Косяков, Роман Юнусов, Мария Горбань, Вадим Галыгин


What could be better than a trip to the sea when you're free like a bird again? Especially if you are with two your best friends, around sun-tanned and half-naked beauties! But when you meet your ex-wife in the same hotel, do not expect anything good. Even worse, if she appears with two her best friends, the former wives of your friends! Easy revenge for old piques turns into a venturesome war between women and men in the resort...

  • Sievietes pret vīriešiem 2
  • Женщины против мужчин: Крымские каникулы
Women vs Men 2 - Леонид Марголин
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