Dirty Grandma 2 (2019) Dirty Grandma 2

IMDB: 3.5



Directed by

Marius Balchunas


Vladislav Dunaev, Marina Fedunkiv, Evgeniy Gerchakov, Natalya Ionova, Roman Kurtsyn, Artemiy Padalka


A charming con man Sasha Rubinshtein and his retired friends move to live in Moscow. But their troubles aren’t over! A famous oligarch’s bank, where they kept their savings, has gone bankrupt, and Sasha is certain it happened because of the oligarch’s wrongdoings. Now it’s time for Sasha to turn into a Dirty Grandma again and bring the oligarch to justice!

  • Vieglas uzvedības vecmāmiņa 2
  • Бабушка легкого поведения 2
Dirty Grandma 2 - Marius Balchunas
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