Side by Side (2019) Side by Side



Directed by

Alise Zarina


Anta Aizupe, Aris Matesovics, Jana Herbsta, Girts Jakovlevs, Aiva Birbele, Gerda Embure, Ivars Krasts, Armands Ikalis, Vizma Kalme, Marta Grigale, Gatis Maliks, Uldis Snikers, Amelija Aboltina, Janis Snikers, Henrijs Arajs


By chance, Luize and Kaspars meet on a trip to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. She’s running away from annoying neighbours and general sense of pointlessness; he’s running away from a failing marriage. They’re both young, talented, and lost; they both want to become artists; they’re both unsure how to go on about their lives. Maybe that’s why their shared trip turns into a strange, sometimes funny and sometimes complicated journey through a relationship over the course of three years.

  • Blakus
  • Рядом
Side by Side - Alise Zarina
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