Designated driver (2019) Designated driver



Directed by

Rezo Gigineishvili


Andrei Burkovsky, Viktor Khorinyak, Irina Martynenko, Yanina Studilin


Artem is a young man who is cheerful, witty and doesn't get into his pocket for a word. Having decided that the whole world is in front of him, he is from a small town, he goes straight to the metropolis. Old friend Artem introduces the young man with his unusual profession - he is the driver who, delivered to the house, "poddatyh" rich in their own cars. One of these "warm" customers is the beautiful Christina. Luxury hotel and a beautiful woman nearby: this is one chance in a million!

  • Puiši pēc izsaukuma
  • Трезвый водитель
Designated driver - Rezo Gigineishvili
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