Sunday wife (2019) Sunday wife



Directed by

Konstantin Odarst


Kristine Belicka, Armands Bergis, Eduard Bogdanov, Elina Bojarkina, Baiba Indriksone


The film is a psychoanalytical portraiture of a couple that lives in Finland. It is hard for the woman to come to terms with everything that takes place in the country; half a year it is daytime, another half night. The wife is completely dependent on the husband and his wishes. He convinces her to move to Latvia and promises to visit on the weekends. As a result, she is left completely alone just with her memories and anxiety. But a moment comes when she finds out that her husband is disloyal and she decides to revenge.

  • Svētdienas sieva
  • Жена по воскресеньям
Sunday wife - Konstantin Odarst
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