Birthday party (2018) Birthday party

IMDB: 5.6



Directed by

Roman Karimov


Igor Brovin, Danila Chvanov, Mila Ershova, Evgeniya Godunova, Viktoriya Ivankova, Eldar Kalimulin, Nikita Sanaev, Irina Savakova, Agisha Semashkova, Vladimir Timofeev, Alina Titova, Yana Vasilevskaya


Having just celebrated his friend's birthday, Anton wakes up in a different city. He realises he is locked in an apartment of a girl he doesn't know, he has no idea what did last night, but a video showing his wild behaviour the previous night has become popular on the internet. The compromising shots are getting an awfully huge amount of views and there is a big chance that his girlfriend, who he just proposed to, could stumble upon the videos as well.

  • Rīts pēc ballītes
  • Днюха!
Birthday party - Roman Karimov
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