Angel Has Fallen (2019) Angel Has Fallen

IMDB: 6.4


Action and Adventure

Directed by

Ric Roman Waugh


Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt, Danny Huston, Rocci Williams, Piper Perabo, Harry Ditson, Linda John-Pierre, Lance Reddick, Ori Pfeffer, Morgan Freeman, Jasmine Hyde, Ian Porter, Laurel Lefkow, Michael Landes, Mark Arnold


Mike's Banning main task is to ensure the safety of the US President. Having become the most dangerous target of terrorists, he signs a death sentence for himself - he is presented as a suspect in the attempt on the life of the US leader. Colleagues with whom Banning has been workingfor many years have no confidence in him, and suspect him of the terrible intention to kill the president. He is forced to hide and, find who and why is luring him and the president into a trap.

  • Eņģeļa krišana
  • Падение ангела
Angel Has Fallen - Ric Roman Waugh
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