Right Hand Man (2022) Right Hand Man



Directed by

Jurijs Skorogobatovs


Jurijs Djakonovs, Marija Linarte, Egons Dombrovskis, Kaspars Gods, Marcis Lacis, Ritvars Gailums, Vitalijs Jakovlevs, Igors Cernavskis


Your account, money - mine! Artis Baranovskis is a registrator. He helps his clients by setting up a fake companies. An hour before leaving to his own wedding, Artis has to find Jana, who's a fake shareholder of a company with a million euros on it's account. Once found and turned into a lady, Jana realizes her power and starts to play her own game. "Right Hand Man" is a crime comedy about money, accounts and troublesome thieves.

  • Uzticības persona
  • Доверенное лицо
Right Hand Man - Jurijs Skorogobatovs
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