Room 203 (2022) Room 203

IMDB: 4.5



Directed by

Ben Jagger


Francesca Xuereb, Viktoria Vinyarska, Eric Wiegand, Scott Gremillion, Rick LaCour, Quinn Nehr, Sam A Coleman, Timothy McKinney, Patrick Kirton, Susan Kirton, Terry J. Nelson, Jeroen Frank Kales, Cameron Inman, Yûji Ayabe, Bria Fleming, Christine W Chen, Thomas Johnston, Reece Roark


You never know what is hidden behind a closed door, and there are those that are better not to open at all. Best friends, students Kim and Izzy, move to a new city to start an independent life. Having rented room 203, the girls plunge headlong into student life and make friends, but gradually the new house begins to cause them an inexplicable feeling of fear.

  • 203. dzīvoklis
  • Призраки квартиры 203
Room 203 - Ben Jagger
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