Christmas in the Jungle (2020) Christmas in the Jungle

IMDB: 5.8


Christmas movies

Directed by

Jaak Kilmi


Pääru Oja, Viktorija Bencik, Tõnu Kark, Bojan Emersic, Rukman Rosadi, Saara Pius, Brydden Fablo Escobar, Christian Nuhan, Inga Alsina, Damar, Maris Olte, Seskia, Dini Ratsepso, Kuswidiantoro, Alisa, Satriawan, Emma Yuella, Bintang


Ten-year-old Paula moves with her family to a distant land because her father is a geologist and works in a gold mine. However, life in the jungle proves to be a serious test of the parents' relationship, and as the holidays approach, Paula realizes that only a Christmas miracle can save the family. But what to do if there is no winter? It turns out that the new friend Achim has heard that there is also a Santa Claus in the jungle thicket. The plan is in hand! But the children have no idea how dangerous and exciting adventures await them: underground caves, jungle spirits, cannibals, unusual animals and much more...

  • Ziemassvētki džungļos
  • Рождество в джунглях
Christmas in the Jungle - Jaak Kilmi
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