Let Her Kill You (2023) Let Her Kill You



Directed by

Jérôme Dassier


Asia Argento, Jeanne Balibar, Joseph Rezwin, Kim Sukwi, Paolo Tarabusi, Konstantin Shishkin, Wanja Sharshunov, Philippe Schuler, Dorthe Wølner-Hanssen, Melissa Aymon, Gérald Kurth


Anna, hoping to escape from the disturbing past and find peace, escapes to a secluded mountain chalet. But the old life catches up with her even here. The house is bugged, which means Anna will have to return to her former life as an intelligence agent.

  • Midzenis: Ļauj viņai nogalināt
  • Логово шпиона
  • Seule: Les dossiers Silvercloud
Let Her Kill You - Jérôme Dassier
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