BlackBerry (2023) BlackBerry

IMDB: 7.7



Directed by

Matt Johnson


Jay Baruchel, Glenn Howerton, Matt Johnson, Cary Elwes, Saul Rubinek, Michael Ironside, Rich Sommer, SungWon Cho, Michelle Giroux, Mark Critch, Laura Cilevitz, Elena Juatco, Martin Donovan, Ethan Eng, Eric Osborne, Al Bernstein, Samantha Brown, Gregory Ambrose Calderone


This film is the story of a technology legend: the incredible rise and fall of one of the first widely used smartphones, the BlackBerry. A phone with a keyboard that could be used to write emails. There was a time when everyone dreamt of having a smartphone, and all businessmen had one. And just when it seemed that the whole world was in the pocket of phone makers, Steve Jobs appeared with the iPhone.

  • BlackBerry
  • Кто убил BlackBerry?
BlackBerry - Matt Johnson
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