Collective (2023) Collective



Directed by

Aik Karapetian, Oskars Rupenheits, Edgars Kaupers, Ai


Ieva Florence, Toms Treibergs, Elizabete Marija Brante, Luiss Martins Rozentāls


Collective is an anthology of the dramedy genre of four episodes, which tells about the human part of the Song and Dance festival movement. The script is based on real events, because real life is more magnificent than any movie script. Each series has one central event or story, as well as one or more main characters who understand something during the series or - on the contrary - do not understand anything at the end. Each episode is self-contained and can be watched independently of other episodes. Each episode is created by a different director with his own unique handwriting.

  • Kolektīvs
  • Коллектив
Collective - Aik Karapetian;Oskars Rupenheits;Edgars Kaupers;Ai
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