Over and Out (2022) Over and Out

IMDB: 5.4



Directed by

Julia Becker


Riccardo Angelini, Julia Becker, Sasa Bijelic, Marion Breckwoldt, Lena Buhl, Elisabeth Clark-Hasters, Elvis Clausen, Clara Devantié, Christian Feldner, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Jörn Peter Grosse, Amelie Hennig, Patrick Kalupa, Jovan Kardos, Sofia Koliofotos, Filip Koraca, Dusan Kranjc, Jannik Lüsing


In movie Over & Out, four friends, Lea, Steffi, Toni, and Maja, reunite to fulfill a childhood pact of celebrating each other's weddings. Maja's impulsive invitation leads them to Italy, embarking on a journey that surfaces regrets, missed chances, and the enduring strength of their friendship. The trip unveils life's complexities, their personal losses, and the deep bonds they share.

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Over and Out - Julia Becker
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